Beesure HVE Tips
$4.49-8.99 per bag


100 pieces in a bag, 10 bags in a case
*Items sold by case

Available in two styles:
(Comfy High Volume Evacuation Tips
and High Volume Evacuator Tips)

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Beesure’s Comfy High Volume Evacuation Tips have a soft cushioned edge to reduce the risk of lacerating the oral tissue. It is also vented to cover a wider evacuation area and reduce unecessary tissue grab with strong rigid tubing for cheek retraction.

Beesure’s High Volume Evacuator Tips have a smooth finish that reduces irritation during procedures. Our vented/non-vented combination has a straight handle providing increased control.

  1. BeeSure Comfy HVE Tips are made with 30% recycled plastic and will fit all standard 11mm suction holders.

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BE301 High Volume Evacuator Tips, BE306 Comfy High Volume Evacuator Tips