Beesure Micro-Applicators


400 pieces per box
*Items sold by box

There are two different styles (Tube and Dispenser style)
And four different colors
Price varies



BeeSure’s Micro-Applicators are 105 mm long and bendable in any angle, allowing precise application in hard to reach areas. Made from 50% recycled plastic, our Micro-Applicators can be used for etchants, bonding agens, cavity lining, fluoride varnishing, sealants, and more. Available in 5 different sizes – cylinder, ultra-fine, fine, and regular.

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BE501D Cylinder (Black, White) Dispenser style, BE501T Cylinder (Black, White) Tube style, BE502D Ultra-Fine (Orange) Dispenser style, BE502T Ultra-Fine (Orange) Tube style, BE503D Fine (Green) Dispenser style, BE503T Fine (Green) Tube style, BE504D Regular (Blue) Dispenser style, BE504T Regular (Blue) Tube style